ESPN Anchors Have MELTDOWN as NFL Ratings Revealed After Super Bowl

Over the past year, hundreds of NFL players have been taking a knee during the national anthem to protest against President Donald Trump and against racial inequality. Americans in turn have responded by turning off their televisions and not watching NFL games as they have no interest in watching our flag be disrespected.

Breitbart reported that this was shown once again on Sunday night when millions of people boycotted Super Bowl LII. Breitbart reported that American Legion and VFW posts officially boycotted the Super Bowl, as did bars and restaurants all over the U.S. The Oneota Veterans Club in New York even raised a sign announcing their boycott that read, “In honor of our country, our flag, our veterans.”

This club had been boycotting the NFL all season but decided to avoid criticism and continue the boycott through the big game.

“The members thought it would be kind of hypocritical if we just brought it back for the Super Bowl to make money,” said manager Wayne Gregory.

The Knights of Columbus chapter in Longview, Texas also decided to boycott the game.

“The veterans are especially aggravated by the course of events. This especially hits us as an insult when people are disrespectful of our flag and national anthem,” said KC member Vance Lowery.

Ray Steadmon, owner of Coloma Lanes in Coloma in southwestern Michigan, explained that even though he is a “huge football fan” he was going to sponsor a Stars and Stripes tournament instead of a Super Bowl party.

“This year when I watch these guys sitting in protest during our national anthem, disrespecting my country, disrespecting my flag, in my opinion, it made me so angry,” Steadmon said. “I had to kind of sit back and say, that’s why I was willing to give my life was to give them the right to do that. The only thing I had to rebuttal with was I have the right not to support (the NFL),”

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